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Self-Publishing & Marketing 34 Books


Writing 34 Books Is Easy

Marketing 34 Books is Easy

Writing 34 books is the easy part. I've written 34 books, all inspired in part or in whole by my blogging. Blogging is reflecting for me, a way to improve my teaching and learning. Thus, my writing is experience based, which provides me with a rich source of material from which to write.

Writing thirty-four books was thus basically a process of reflection. However, informing potential readers, self-marketing, which many writers find challenging, is just as easy.

Social media is the immediate first step I turn to after writing a book and self-publishing on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all connected to my personal blog. One click and I post instantly to all three social media sites.

Further, Amazon provides an Author Page for its writers. It goes without saying that I have taken advantage of this marketing avenue. It is quite user friendly. In no time at all you have your photo, an author bio, and your book info uploaded.

You could go to Facebook and duplicate your effort, making a Facebook Author page that directly links to your Amazon Author page. It's also user friendly. A few clicks and you have a few photos uploaded, and your links are connected to Amazon where your books are located at.

What else can you do? With a limited effort, you can upload a book trailer to YouTube. You simply film yourself talking about your book, or alternatively, use music combined with photos to advertise your book. Here is an example of the YouTube book trailer / video I made for my first book, "Celestial Games": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwBYtgDoTH0

So, there you have it. Writing 34 books is easy. Marketing 34 books is easy. Oh, by the way: Would you click this link and like my Amazon Author Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmazonAuthorPageThomasJeromeBaker

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