miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Poems & Poetry: Our Story

Poems & Poetry: Our Story [Paperback]
This book is dedicated to my family, and their families, and their families yet to be. On countless occasions I’ve said to them: “One day I will write our story.” This time it is I who again make the promise, “One day, I will write our story”. Like all writers, I have no clue if the promise will ever be kept, yet I must admit, I enjoy writing for you. More importantly, I have the aspiration that you will find things in my writing with which you can identify. Poems & Poetry: Our Story [Paperback] In this way, you my brother, Charlie, and you, my sisters, Linda, Kathy and Bernice, will become heirs to a shared memory of days gone by, days present, and days yet to come. More importantly, the memory will live beyond us, beyond our days, and beyond our time. And that is well as it should be. Thus, this is the reason I write for you. Again, it has been my pleasure to write the treasured and shared memory, poetically, personally, for you. Poems & Poetry: Our Story [Paperback] Amazon Author Page: Thomas Jerome Baker

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