lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

A Book Cover, For, “I Live In Chile” (She Has Personality & She Is Beautiful)

A Book Cover, For, “I Live In Chile” (She Has Personality & She Is Beautiful)

Chile, I can assure you, is breathtakingly beautiful. Snow-capped volcanoes, glistening glaciers, fire and ice to the south, moving north we begin to find turquoise blue rivers and lakes, a never ending mountain chain, the bluest of the bluest waters, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and passing the fertile central valley, we discover the worlds’ driest desert to the north, the Great Atacama. Believe it or not, flowers grow, naturally, in this desert.
Chile has it all. It’s a marvelous country. Try to dream it, and she will defy your dream. Try to imagine her, and Chile will defy your imagination. Chile, as I said before, has it all…and then some.
Yet beyond all this, Chile is also, people. In fact, after one recovers from Chile’s great natural beauty, her people remain, ever present, across the centuries of recorded time…, and then some.
The people are here. They were here. They will always be here. Close your eyes. Open them again now. The people, they are still there…
They smile, they laugh, they cry, they sing and they dance. They are real. They are here…
The Chile I live in is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Yet even more beautiful than Chile herself, is her people. With a great sense of humility, I proudly say, “I Live In Chile”… ¡Viva Chile!
Come along for the journey. It has taken me twelve years to discover her, and when I look at her from all the viewpoints available to me, I can only say two things, 1. She has personality, and, 2. She is beautiful…

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