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Have You Heard About "Punta & Taco"? They Appear in "I Live In Chile"

“I Live In Chile” Will Be Out In September to Celebrate Chile’s Independence Day! Have You Heard About “Punta y Taco”?

http://on.fb.me/11VrDfr My new book, “I Live In Chile” is almost ready! It is planned to be out in time to celebrate Chile’s Independence Day, the 18th of September, or as it is known here in Chile, “El Dieceocho”.
I have been experimenting with a visual solution for one comment I received from a Chilean that said, “In Chile we don’t walk around dressed as cowboys and dancing cueca all the time.” However, the exception is during the month of September, when it is a common to participate in many traditional dances and related activities.
So, how do I represent this aspect of Chilean culture, legitimately?
The answer: Meet my brother-in-law, Bernardo León, and his wife, Fabiola. They are the proud owners of a business that is intimately connected with Chilean tradition and culture, called, “Punta y Taco”. Punta y Taco is best translated as “Heel and Toe”, which are two crucial elements in dancing the national dance, “La Cueca”.
Bernardo and Fabioña, as owners of “Punta y Taco” sell traditional Chilean clothing and accessories for dancing cueca: shoes, boots, spurs, hats, ponchos, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. Also, if you would like to learn how to dance cueca, you can find no better teachers than this couple. You can find them at:
Av. 21 de Mayo 3225,
Local #92, 4030000 Concepción, Chile
email: contactopuntaytaco@gmail.com
Bernardo and Fabiola have danced cueca with their hearts and souls for the past 45 years (all their lives), since they were both old enough to walk! Have a look for yourself. Here’s Bernardo and Fabiola, dancing the national dance, “La Cueca”!
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